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Updated 3/20 5pm:  Please continue to share locations that victims can pick up supplies.  Cleaning effort sign-ups, etc!  I’ll continue to add to the list!

Photo Courtesy Alex Stepanek/ Facebook

We are #NebraskaStrong!!!  My heart goes out to all of my fellow Nebraskans.

Born and raised here in the Cornhusker State, I’ve always loved the sense of community that can be found among us.  If you are in need, please do not hesitate to reach out here or anywhere else.  All of us here in Nebraska, as well as surrounding states, are all looking for ways to lend our support.

Thank you to everyone who is volunteering their own resources.  I will continue to update this post as I continue receive information but please leave any information in the comments if you are offering personal help or assistance (housing, hay, etc)

If you are looking for ways to donate or help in rescue efforts or assist in those affected, here is our ongoing list of resources that you can use to help Nebraska flood victims.

Rescue Requests

Rescue Form

If you (or someone you know) are in need of rescue, please fill out this form.  Note: extreme emergencies, contact 911 first

SilverHawk Aviation Rescue

Silverhawk Aviation is offering planes for rescue efforts as well as supply runs.  No charge.
Please call 402-721-4520 if you know of someone that needs

Angel Flight Central Volunteers

If you know of someone needing assistance on getting to a different location immediately, please contact the volunteer pilots here.

Nebraska Farm Bureau

Apply for aid here 

Legal Aid

Receive FREE Legal Aid for anyone affected by flood victims.  Find more information here

American Red Cross Shelters

  • Columbus: East Central Health Department (4321 41st Ave) AND Columbus Federated Church (2704 15th St)
  • Elkhorn Middle School (3200 207th St)
  • Fremont: First Lutheran (3200 Military Ave) and Trinity Lutheran (1546 N Luther Rd)
  • Pierce: Pierce High School (201 N Sunset St)
  • Wood River High School (13800 W Wood River Rd)


  • Council Bluffs: Salem Methodist Church
  • Glenwood: Calgary Baptist
  • Missouri Valley: Rand Community Center

Receive Items

David City:  All week, pick up donated supplies (clothing, food, cleaning supplies, etc) at the Butler County Fairgrounds Event Center



If you have a spare room, or shoot, a spare air mattress, please consider someone staying a night or two in your home.

It’s never easy sharing your house with an absolute stranger but imagine yourself in their shoes. You’d just be immensely grateful for a roof and warmth.

Sign Up Here To List Your Home

Find a Free AirBnB Home If You Have Been Displaced


Carol Joy Holling Conference and Retreat Center is opening up rooms and space at no cost to those displaced.  There is limited availability up to a week and is on a first come first serve basis. (No Pets)
Phone: 402-944-2544

Omaha and Metro Area


Walnut Creek Camping
Open spots available for those displaced.

Lifegate Church
Lifegate will be opening an Evacuee Reception Center. You can use this as a place to rest, charge your phones and just gather yourself and support.
Open from 1-8pm


Calvary Christian Church (Calvary North Building), 10100 Cedar Island Rd, Bellevue, NE 68123. The entrance to the shelter will be on the northeast side of the building.

Thanksgiving Church (36th and Hwy 370)

Charge phones, stay warm, eat, etc.
Sat Noon-9pm
Sunday 7am – 7 pm
Monday – Friday next week 7am – 9 pm


Staybridge Suites (N. 27th St and 1-80) is offering discounted rates for those affected by the flooding

Lancaster Event Center:  Campground lots with 30/50 amp electric with water and dump stations available.


Iglesia Dios es Amor (525 Union)
Contact: Jazmin Hernandez 402-620-1536

Temporary Red Cross Shelter: First Lutheran Church, 3200 Military Avenue.

North Dakota:  If you are in Northern NE and need shelter, Donna and her family in Binford ND have three home’s and vacant housing Willing to help.  Can also put up tents in shop and move snow for RV parking
Contact Donna at Donna.lorentzson@yahoo.com or call 701 676 2499

Animal Assistance

Domestic Animals/ Pets

If you need help with your pet, there are plenty of volunteers who are willing to help.  Here is the Facebook page to look for a good pair

Nebraska Humane Society

NHS is helping with pets of the evacuees. They can not take large animals (like horses) but CAN help with arrangements!
Phone: (402) 444-7800 or visit http://www.nehumanesociety.org/

Salem Methodist Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa

They are accepting both people and their small animals for temp lodging. Comfort is minimal (cots) and they do have a limited supply of cots for people, but we appreciate them opening their doors!
Check for Availability by Phone: (712) 366-1408

Large Animals

Lusco Farms has done several successful recoveries.  If you have animals in danger, see if they can help

Lancaster County Fairgrounds

The Lancaster Event Center has available staff and livestock equipment available for horses, cattle, sheep and goat.  There is equipment and stalls for cows with calves.

Poultry, rabbits and other small animals can also be housed here as well.


HETRA (Grenta) has room for horses.
Contact: Shauna Byelick at 402-690-6791 or Shelby Winnail at 402.201.6605.
Address: 10130 S. 222nd St, Gretna

Texas Assistance

Amanda Lee, a fellow farmer located in North Central Texas just south of Fort Worth has 7 acres of farmland that she is ready and willing to help take large animal and livestock for the time being.  She is accepting large animals, horses, and birds!

Message Amanda on Facebook or email at TexasHelps@yahoo.com

Hay And Animal Supplies


If you need hay, there is some for dispersal at 508 North Skyline Road Elkhorn, NE 68022

Texas Assistance: Troy Bredthauer 308-870-4576

If You are In Potential Flooding Zones In Nebraska

Road Closures Due To Nebraska Flooding

Stay up to date with the Nebraska Department of Transportation to see what roads are closed due to the floods across all of Nebraska.

Review What To Do

This is a phenomenal outline of what to do if you are in the path of a potential flood, including what to do to minimize effects for when you return if, God forbid, you do get hit by the flooding.


I can’t stress this enough! If you are in an evacuation zone, don’t take it lightly. Please help first responders by not putting theirs and your own lives at risk.

Be Prepared To Leave Quickly

Don’t get caught in a panic, If you are in a flood watch or warning area, have a bag ready to go and your personal IDs packed. We all hope you won’t need to leave, but just in case, it is better to be prepared. Make sure to have things like vital medications. As hard as it is, don’t worry about material possessions, they can be replaced.

Start Documenting Your Home

Take as many photos of rooms and valuables as possible if you are not in immediate flood.  Anything that is of value, attempt to put at higher locations

Know Evacuation Routes

If you need to leave your home, be sure not to head straight into a danger zone.  Drive away from the rivers or flash flooding areas.

Do NOT Attempt To Cross Any Waters (Even ones that don’t look dangerous)

Photo Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155884916836345&set=pcb.10155884101411345&type=3&theater

Pages To Watch

The following Facebook pages have been doing a great job of posting regularly and responding to questions about flood areas, potential areas for flooding and flood watches and warnings.

City of Bellevue

Sarpy County

If you have been affected by the flooding in Nebraska, here is a “toolkit” on what to do next, such as filing for help and more.

Please continue to send us updates of local organizations, companies, groups and anything else offering help to those affected by the flooding in Nebraska.  You can shoot a quick comment below or send us a message on Facebook

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