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Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Many Nebraskans get starry-eyed envisioning traveling over the pond to Europe. One of the most magical things about traveling there is walking amidst real-life castles and envisioning a life in medieval times.

But you can play prince and princess right here in Nebraska for two weekends in Bellevue as the annual Nebraska Renaissance Festival takes place!!

As you know, we here at WellTraveledNebraskan believe that travel within Nebraska is about finding experiences to enjoy, not just places to tick off of a checklist.

And there is nothing more immersable than going full blown medieval at the Bellevue Renaissance Faire.  Here are just a few ways that you’ll feel like you are in Casterly Rock or Kings Landing and how you can take part in all the festivities yourself!

Want to see a little of what they have had in the past?  Check out this video


Step Back in Time

If you can’t tell, I’m already channeling my inner Game of Thrones, but even if you’re the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch the show, you can still step off the paved sidewalks and onto the dirt paths at the Bellevue Berry Farm and immediately feel like you are in a different location and time period.

Dress The Part

While the festival will have over 100 costumed merrymakers wandering around the dirt paths and performing, why not dress the part yourself!?
You can go as simple or as elaborate as your medieval heart desires. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few things to get you started:

For those wanting to dapple in the cosplay, it doesn’t need to be hard or elaborate. Dig through that old Halloween box and find a few fun items to help get in the spirit!

Get Legit

All the above are fun for a weekend or to dress your kids up in. However, there are plenty of die-hard Nebraska renaissance faire fans as well (and will most likely roll an eye at your measly headscarf … but who cares!? Just challenge them to a joust!)
If you are looking at wanting to really step back in time, feel free to REALLY dress the part. Here are a few outfits you can get to show up in style.

Women’s Costumes

(Click on the image to see it in Amazon)







Men’s Costumes

(Click on the image to see the price on Amazon)



















Or, just show up to the festival and get decked out there. There are plenty of vendors there to help you purchase phenomenal artisan products like chainmail, fencing swords, leather goods and more!

Watch Artisans Create and Display Original Works

Nebraska Renaissance Fair

Whether you want trinkets, local honey, play swords or more, there is a giant list of local and nearby artisans ready to wow your senses. It will feel like you are roaming a medieval market wandering from one hut to the next.

Enjoy Food Fit For a Feast

Bellevue Berry Farm Renaissance Faire

One of my favorite parts about festivals is the food!! You are sure to find something delicious for everyone, but some classics are the

  • Turkey legs (duh!)
  • Cold Brews
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Smoked Meats
  • Funnel Cakes
  • More!

Find Your Knight In Shining Armour…and cheer him on in a real joust

Live jousting at the renaissance festival nebraska

Be just like the Lannisters and view an intense and skilled joust from the brave knights right in front of your very own eyes!

Prove Your Strength

Hold out your “Mug of Cheer” and show off your muscles. Whichever lad or wench can hold their stein of ale with a straight arm the longest (without spilling!!!) is king of the contest!

Show Off Your Archery Skills

Archery at the Nebraska Renaissance Faire

Can you fling an Axe and hit the bullseye?

Could you beat Robin Hood at a Bow and Arrow Contest?

Only one way to find out!

Become “Part Of That World”

The sea-world that is. Come into the Mermaid’s Cove to see real-life mermaids floating around.

Climb A Ginormous Pirate Ship

Think you can find the pirate’s lost treasure??

Get Lost in the Medieval Maze

Find your way through the windy maze or just get lost in the adventure.

Stand Next To a Horse MASSIVE Irish Wolf Hound

Sorry, the first time you see these giants, you just might mistake them for a small horse! Move over Stark-Direwolves….there’s a new wolf in town!

Get Your Harry Potter On

Bellevue Berry Farm Harry Potter Festival

While H.P may not be medieval, the idea of wizards and sorcery often are.

Ever wanted to play wizard, sorcerer and magician? Get there the first weekend of the two week festival for all things “Magic and Majestics!”

Learn How To Belly Dance

Watch the mesmerizing dancers as they wow the audience with their entrancing moves

Have Fun

Bellevue Berry Farm Renaissance

The great part about the Renaissance Faire Nebraska is that it is blast for all ages.

  • Those that love cosplay can play the real part
  • Kids love the pirates and fairies, child-friendly games and, of course, all of the fun playgrounds!
  • Foodies love the different treats to chow down on.

Nebraska Renaissance Festival Information


Bellevue Berry Farm: 11001 South 48th Street, Papillion NE 68133

Dates and Times

May 4-5 & and 11-12, 2019

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Cost and Admission

  • $13 Adults
  • $8 Kids


Phone: (402) 301-0901

Email: info@RenFestNebraska.com


Of course, the entire festival will be a renaissance theme, but each weekend also will have additional specific themes

Magic & Majestics Weekend: May 4th and 5th

Celtic Celebrations: May 11th and 12th

Official Website



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