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While most people associate the winter holidays with good cheer and jolly there is just something about autumn that captures everyone’s hearts.

As summer quickly fades to fall, the crisp mornings are a reprieve from the blistering, hot, July and August days.  The smell of chili simmering on the stove makes everything feel right in the world.  And of course, the cool evenings juxtaposed with a roaring bonfire while you are all wrapped up in blankets is enough to make all your stresses melt away.

And what is fall without pumpkin patches!?  Young or old, everyone loves going to a pumpkin patch where they can drink apple cider, eat freshly baked pastries, get lost in corn mazes, take a hay rack ride through the fields, pick out their own pumpkin, and just feel the magic of Fall!!

For this autumn, you might be wondering what is the best pumpkin patch in Omaha?  Well, everyone has their own opinion.  No, really, just ask any Omahan and you’ll get a different answer from each! Also, while I personally have my own fave(s), I always like trying something new so am always on the lookout for local pumpkin patches near me that I haven’t been to yet that I can newly explore.

Best Omaha Pumpkin Patches

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So, in this guide, you’ll find all of the Omaha area pumpkin patches.  I’ve included what people love the most about each and you’ll also find the locations (and distance from Omaha), seasonal opening dates if applicable, opening times, and the prices (all for the 2020 autumn season).  With that information, you should be able to narrow down which Omaha pumpkin patch to try out this year!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new personal favorite!

Covid Disclosures

  • As with any year, but especially in Covid times, please use the links provided to the Omaha area pumpkin patches to make sure you get the most up to date opening times and dates and if there are any Covid restrictions in place.
  • Due to the capacity limits currently mandated by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, many of the Omaha area pumpkin patches have to limit guests throughout the day.  Call ahead to see what each individual pumpkin patch’s procedures are so that you don’t face some very disappointed kiddos if you can not get in upon arrival.


Pam Nelson Produce Farm

Pam Nelson Produce Farm Pumpkin Patch


nelson pumpkin patch

Town: Valley

The first time I went to the Nelson Produce Farm was actually for the annual Sunflower Festival and I absolutely just fell in love with the farm.  While newbies in the game, they are quickly making quite a name for themselves as the year-round farm to go to.  They are helping to bridge the gap between us “city folk” and rural Nebraska.  While you might be going to pick the pumpkins this fall, they are actually open for you to come and pick your own produce to take home throughout the year as well.

Why Go to Pam Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch:

  • Family friendly
  • Perfect for West Omaha/ Elkhorn families
  • The owners take a lot of pride in their farm and what they have to offer

Why Skip Pam Nelson’s:

  • Currently only able to stay for 2.5 hours at a time due to Covid Restrictions

Activities to do at Pam Nelson Produce Farm:

  • Pick your own pumpkin
  • Jump in the hay bales
  • Take the barrel train (for kids)
  • Pet the barn yard animals
  • Enjoy some fresh baked foods at the Pam’s Farm House Cafe

Cost: $7 (must reserve/ pay in advance online)

Address: 10505 N 234th St, Valley, NE
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pamsproducestand/


Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

Vala's is considered Omaha's best pumpkin patch

Town: Gretna

Vala’s just might be Omaha’s most popular pumpkin patch.  If not one of the most popular, they are surely one of the biggest with over 50 attractions (and counting)!  Similar to the Omaha Zoo, Vala’s is becoming so expansive, that even the most experienced pumpkin patch goers know that you could spend all day here and STILL not do it all!

One of the reasons people love Vala’s is because it simply has it all in Fall fun.  You won’t be disappointed spending a day at Vala’s.

Activities to do at Vala’s:

  • Lost Pumpkin Mine
  • Corn Maze
  • Pirate Maze
  • Storybook Barn
  • Spook Shed
  • Haunted Farmhouse
  • Haunted Trail and Graveyard
  • Old-Fashioned Hay Rack Ride
  • Barnyard Adventure Ride
  • Group Bonfires (costs extra)
  • More

Why Skip Vala’s

  • It’s expensive on the weekends
  • It can get very crowded during peak times (ie Weekends)

Vala’s 2020 Pumpkin Patch Season: Sep 18-Nov 1 2020

Monday- Thursday: $13.95 per person
Friday-Sunday: $17.95 per person

Monday- Thursday: $13.95
Friday-Sunday: $25.95

* Prices not include taxes.  Under 2=free

Address: 12102 S 180th St, Gretna, NE 68028


Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch omaha: Bellevue Berry Farm

Town: Papillion

I grew up going to the Bellevue Berry Farm to pick strawberries each summer as a kid (and now as an adult with MY kids!) so it has been really fun to see the farm grow, and grow, and grow!  The Bellevue Pumpkin Patch now has plenty to do for the whole family in the fall and is one of the biggest options for those living in more South/East Omaha.  And if you are looking for a good scare to add to your activities, they have really outdone themselves with the hayrack ride and haunted houses, making this a great place for older kids and teens (and adults!) who want that Halloween fright!

We like Bellevue Berry because it has so much to do, but is cheaper than many of the alternatives.

Activities to do at Bellevue Berry Farm:

  • 20 Acres of Pick Your Own Pumpkins
  • Ranch of Terror
  • Haunted Hayrack Ride
  • Pillow Bounce
  • Really Awesome Playgrounds (and a Pirate Ship!)
  • Group Bonfires (costs extra)
  • Farmyard animals (watch out for the peacocks in the trees!)
  • Jungle Grass Maze
  • More

Why Skip Bellevue Berry Farm

  • The hayrack ride is actually pretty scary (for kids).  You can walk it in the daytime, but even then, it probably isn’t very suitable for little kids

Pumpkin Season: Sept 14th – thru October 31st 2020


$7 On Weekdays.  $10 on Weekends (2 and under free)

Friday-Sunday only= Haunted Hayrack Ride and other Haunted Attractions $22 combo for both ride and house

* There are some specials, discounts, and military pricings as well.  Check the website for current offerings

Address: 11001 S 48th St, Papillion
Phone: 402-331-5500


Wenninghof's Omaha Pumpkin patch

Town: Omaha

If you are looking for just some classic, simple, good-natured fall fun (without the frights), then Wenninghof’s is perfect for you. Wenninghoff’s is all about family friendly fun.  Like most of the farms on this list, Wenninghoff’s is owned by a local family and prides itself on their locally grown food and family friendly atmosphere.

Activities to do at Wenninghoff’s:

  • Dress Up Barn
  • Hula Hoop Toss
  • Paint-A-Pumpkin
  • Corn play area
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Tug-Of-War
  • Hay Bale Climbing
  • Animals
  • Tractors
  • Corn Maze
  • 3-Legged Races
  • Combine Slide
  • Hayride
  • Campires available (extra cost)

Why Skip Wenninghof’s:

  • While it is a fun place for the whole family, older kids and teens may prefer a larger Pumpkin patch with more activities for all ages.
  • Hay rack rides only run on Saturdays and Sundays (plan accordingly)

Pumpkin Season: Sep 26- Oct 31 2020

Weekdays: $6 (2/Under Free) 9am-7pm
Sat-Sun: $8 (2/Under Free) 10am-5pm

Address: 6707 Wenninghoff Road, Omaha, NE

Skinny Bones

best pumpkin patch near me: Skinny Bones in Blaire, NE


Another “newbie” (2008) on the Omaha Metro Pumpkin Patch scene, Skinny Bones is absolutely proving it’s worth with all it has to offer. Take a short hayrack ride out to the pumpkin patch, play in the giant corn “pool,” get lost in the corn maze, and pet all the farm animals.  Probably the most unique draw to Skinny Bones that other Omaha Pumpkin Patches don’t have is the nation’s tallest indoor tornado simulator.

This is a great option for families of all ages as there is really a ton to do and something for everyone to enjoy.

Activities To Do At Skinny Bones:

  • Giant Corn Maze
  • Nation’s tallest indoor tornado simulator
  • “Jack O Shooter” (Pumpkin launcher)
  • Corn “Pool”
  • Giant Bounce Pillows
  • Petting Zoo
  • Fun “Haunted” Walk
  • Pedal Karts
  • “House of Mystery”
  • Bonfires (extra cost)
  • More

Why Skip Skinny Bones

  • Is expensive on Fridays and Weekends
  • Can get busy with day care groups

Skinny Bones’ Pumpkin Season: Sep 11-Oct 31 2020


Mon-Thurs: $10.95 PP
Fri-Sun: $14.95
Season Passes: $39.95 per person
2 and under free
*Prices not including tax

Open Daily at 9am.  Check website for closing times, as it varies throughout the week.

Address: 3935 NE-133, Blair
Phone: 402-689-7585
Website: http://www.skinnybonespumpkinpatch.com/

Union Orchards

Union Orchards Pumpkin Patch Omaha

Town: Union (approx 30 minutes South of Omaha)

While Union Orchards is often known more for their Apple Orchards, you shouldn’t write off their pumpkin patch just yet!  In fact, they have a huge variety of different types of pumpkins ranging from perfect carving pumpkins to the Big Max variety, which can grow over 100 pounds!  Then there are all the different pumpkins that are perfect for baking or the silly warty looking pumpkins!  The options are almost endless!

Activities To Do At

  • Pick your own pumpkins
  • Shop at the Country Store for fresh baked pies, apple butter, pumpkin butter, and more
  • Take a barrel train ride for the kiddies
  • Pick apples
  • Sip on wine from the Union Vineyard

Why Skip

  • Union is truly just great U-Pick farm, so if you are looking for all the other “activities” like corn mazes, etc head to another pumpkin patch

Address: 2405 South Hwy 75, Union
Phone: 402-263-4845

Pumpkin Patches Near Omaha Metro

The following pumpkin patches are about 1 hour from the Omaha metro area.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom where you're planted pumpkin patch

Town: Avoca (Approx 45 min South of Omaha)

Bloom Where You’re Planted is a great place to go for a day trip from Omaha if you are wanting to get out of the city and into some fresh air and nature.  Without all the huge crowds that some of the Omaha pumpkin patches bring in, your family can run a bit more free without the stress of tons of people around.

Activities To Do At Bloom Where You’re Planted:

  • Hayrides
  • Nature Trails
  • Pet the farm animals
  • Play in the Corn Box
  • 40 Ft Tube Slide
  • Climb the Hay Bales
  • Rubber Duckie Races
  • Swing on the Family Sized Tire Swing
  • Yard Games like ladder golf, corn hole, and giant “pong”
  • Go through the gourd tunnel
  • More

Bloom’s Pumpkin Season: Sept. 19-Oct. 31, 2020 (Fri-Sun 10 -6pm.  Mondays and Tues 10am-4pm)

Cost: $8 pp (2 and under free)

Address: 911  108th  Street,  Avoca,  Nebraska
Phone: (402) 267-4104

Camp Fontanelle

Camp Fontanelle Pumpkins

Town: Nickerson (About 1 hour Northeast of Omaha/ 20 minutes North of Fremont)

Not to be confused with Fontanelle Forest, each year, Camp Fontanelle’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is a fundraising opportunity started by the United Methodist church where families and groups can come to enjoy the beautiful nature, educational activities, and faith based programs.  This isn’t just a pumpkin patch.  There are movie nights in October, 5k “races” in the wilderness and on September 20th come for the annual fundraising BBQ.  What sets Camp Fontanelle apart from many of the Omaha Metro Pumpkin Patches (besides it’s religious affiliation) is that there are FREE bonfires!  Considering the added cost of these at other pumpkin patches, that alone just might make the drive worth it!  They also have separate child’s admission, which I really appreciate having younger kids!

Activities To Do At Camp Fontanelle

  • 9 Acre Corn Maze
  • Roller racers
  • Two 60′ long dry super slide
  • Laser Tag
  • Jumping Air Pillows
  • Bounce Houses
  • Petting Barn
  • Hayrack Rides
  • 350 Foot Zip Lines!
  • Pedal Karts
  • Free Campfires
  • Nature Trails
  • More

Camp Fontanelle’s Pumpkin Season: Sep 18th- Nov 1st
Saturdays: 10am-7pm
Sundays: 1pm-6pm

Children ages 3-11: $6.00
12 and Over/ Adults: $8.00

Address: 9677 Co Rd 3, Nickerson, NE

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Pumpkin Patch near Omaha

Town: Oakland (Approx 1 hr 10 minutes North of Omaha)

This Oakland NE pumpkin patch offers tons of great activities with a great, cozy, fall feel and without all the crowds of other Omaha area pumpkin patches.  With ziplines, corn mazes, barn slides, bounce pillows, and obviously pumpkin picking, there is plenty to do.

Activities To Do At Harvest Moon

  • Ziplines
  • Corn Put
  • Scarecrow Forest
  • Fire Pits (extra cost)
  • Race tracks
  • Jumping Pillows
  • Barn Slide
  • More

Harvest Moon’s Pumpkin Season: Sep 19th 2020
Check the website for opening times as it varies day to day.  Closed on Mondays

$8.75 PP
Kids 2/ Under Free
Seniors: $7
Veterans: $6

Address: 1098 County Rd N, Oakland
Phone: 402-380-1730

Martin’s Hillside Orchard

Martin's Hillside orchard pumpkin patch

Town: Ceresco (approx 1 hour SE of Omaha or 35 Minutes from Gretna)

Another great Apple Orchard/ Pumpkin Patch combo is Martin’s Hillside Orchard.  Get your apples, fresh cider, and U-pick pumpkins all in one spot here. This is a really fantastic family location with everything you would expect in an Autumn activity location like corn mazes and pumpkin field with a few more surprises like a butterfly garden, discovery trail, and more.

Activities To Do At Martin’s Hillside Orchard:

  • Climb the Tire Mountain
  • Kid sized corn maze
  • Corn pool
  • Walk through the Gourd Cave
  • Tractor Trike Track
  • More

Pumpkin Season: Sep 19th 2020- Oct 31

Cost: $5 pp ($2 goes towards your U Pick Purchase!).  2/ Under Free

Address: 2024 Ashland Rd, Ceresco
Phone: 402-665-2140

Arbor Day Farm

Arbor Day Farm Pumpkins

Town: Nebraska City (Approx 45 min South of Omaha)

The Arbor Day Farm is no well kept secret from people doing day trips from Omaha- everyone knows how great it is.  There is SO much to do here and in the fall, the orchards and pumpkin patches are just another wonderful addition to what they have year-round.  Of course, people flock to Nebraska City for the Apple Jack Parade.  While this is definitely a Nebraska Bucketlist Item to cross off at some point in your Nebraska life, know that it is one of the absolute busiest weekends at Arbor Day Farm as well.

Activities To Do At Arbor Day Farm

  • Tree Top Village
  • Wagon Discovery Ride through the farm (unavailable 2020 due to Covid)
  • Living History Weekends
  • Wine Tasting
  • Apple and Pumpkin Picking
  • Storytelling and S’mores over the campfire (weekends only)

Address: 2611 Arbor Avenue, Nebraska City
Phone: 402-873-8717
Website: https://www.arbordayfarm.org/fall/

Do you have a favorite Omaha Pumpkin Patch?  Let me know in the comments which one is it and why

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