Hey there!, I’m LeAnna, world traveler, mother, wanna-be amateur photographer and a born and raised Cornhusker.
And I’m on a mission to see, explore and EXPERIENCE all that Nebraska has to offer!


I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Germany for 6 years, I’ve gotten to experience things like swimming in an ocean of sparkling phytoplankton in Thailand, learned to make cheese in the Swiss Alps, went cliff diving in Croatia and crossed off over 40 countries explored in this amazing world.
When fellow travelers would ask us where we were from, we were often met with a response of “Oh, so you live in a cornfield?” or things like, “Wow, no wonder you are traveling, there is nothing to do in Nebraska!” 
But now my family and I have returned to our homestate, I was anxious to prove anyone (from Nebraska or not!) that our state IS a destination that was worth traveling to and there is actually an endless list of surprising things to do in Nebraska!

What I want you to get out of “TheWellTraveledNebraskan”

is that when you leave the site, you exclaim,

“Wow! THAT’S in Nebraska!?”

and to have a new inspiration to travel to something new and off the beaten path in our great state.
We will be breaking stereotypes of Nebraska-land.  You won’t find any quilt museums, po-dunk diners, and cafes and DEFINITELY minimal cornfields!  We are here to show that there IS great reason to travel in Nebraska.
You’ll be able to come here for unbiased, truthful, and honest travel advice so that you can create everlasting family memories and adventures right here in our own backyard.
As proud Omahans it will be easy to explore Southeast and Eastern Nebraska from Ponca State Park down to Pawnee, with Mahoney State Park in the middle.  After all, just right here in our own hometown there are endless free, affordable and fun things to do in Omaha!
And with our popup camper and bucket list of ideas, we can’t wait to explore places like Scottsbluff, Chadron, Chimney Rock and more and of course everything in between to show all Nebraska destinations.  And at each location, you’ll get an insider’s view into the best prices, accommodations,  itineraries and travel tips from a travel pro.
I hope that you will follow along as we continue to see Nebraska from East to West and join us on each of our journeys to discover the beauty, nature, and culture of Nebraska that is often hidden behind cornfields, state fairs, cows and rodeo museums.  And my dream is that in joining us, you’ll be inspired to explore our own great state as well!  And in doing so, that you will come here knowing that this is THE Nebraska Off the Beaten Path Travel Authority.
Travel can be near or far, no matter where you live (even if that place is what I once considered a no man’s land for travel: Nebraska)
And so, I want to share my passion with you, my fellow Nebraskans to show that meaningful travel doesn’t need to be international, in fact, you don’t even need an airplane.  Just look in our own backyards, get creative, and travel.   After all, culture, good eats and a lifetime memories are all within our reach.
So it’s true… Go N.E Where.  GO NE.
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If you have any questions regarding this site please contact me at LeAnna@WellTravelledNebraksan.com