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The hubby and I have taken on a challenge: Alternate months planning fun dates in Omaha.
But after a few months, we needed some inspiration.  This is my growing list of date night ideas in Omaha that we’ve personally done or have on the agenda to try out.
Whether you are looking for romantic Omaha activities, some cheap date ideas in Omaha, or simply just need some fresh, new ideas, I’ve got you covered.

Here is your Date Ideas Omaha Edition

Omaha Date Night Ideas

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Date Night Omaha: Romantic Things to do in Omaha

If you are wanting to go the lovey-dovey route, there are plenty of romantic places in Omaha.  Sure, there are the go-tos of going out to dinner (more on that later), but one of my goals of this entire blog is to help Nebraskans see that sometimes, fun things to do in Nebraska is just a matter of getting a little creative, looking beyond the typical activities and being open to new things!  I bet you didn’t even know that some of these things to do in Omaha even existed!  So, here are a few of my favorite romantic dates in Omaha.

Take a Gondola Ride

Omaha Gondola Ride
Photo Courtesy NE tourism
I bet you didn’t know that you could take a Venetian gondola ride right here in the heart of downtown Omaha did you!  Combine it with a dinner out to a classic Omaha Italian restaurant and you just might feel like you’ve escaped to Italy for the night.  If it’s the off season, taking a walk and having a picnic at the Heartland of America Park is still a great date idea.

Take a Walk Around the Lagoon

The Gene Lehey Mall will be transforming in the next few years, which is why a walk around the lagoon is a must before it goes away.  However, even once the new development is done, I’m sure it will still be the perfect place to go on a romantic stroll.

Wine Tasting

Nebraska is surprising Wine-Os with vineyards all over the state, but you don’t even have to travel out of the city to do a fun wine tasting.
There are plenty of wine-specific bars that have popped up in Omaha that are fantastic at doing full-blown wine tastings and many with food pairings.
A few locations to look into are: 
  • The Stave (Papillion).  I love this tiny little wine tasting and cheese place and it’s perfect for a romantic night.  Almost every Friday, there is a live acoustic band or musician (free!) adding to the great ambiance.  The Charcuterie plates and wine aren’t exactly on the cheap side, but they are oh so delicious!
  • Cork Screw Wine and Cheese (Rockbrook Village and Blackstone District)
  • Pacific Cellars
Date Night at Stave in Papilllion
Date Night at Stave in Papillion

Champagne on Tap at Homy Inn Omaha

Drink Champagne On Tap

Nothing says romantic like Champagne.  And the Homy Inn Bar has it flowing….literally.  The bar is more of a dive bar than a romantic location, but I mean, c’mon….Champagne….on Tap!!  Read about why I love the Homy Inn Here.
Just across the street is my all time favorite Italian restaurant in Omaha- Sgt. Peffers.  So, why not get some bubbly and then a delicious, cozy meal?
Address: 1510 N Saddle Creek Rd

Romantic Restaurants Omaha

If you are looking for a romantic dinner in Omaha, there are almost endless options.   Here are a few of my personal favorites though:
  • La Spezia (Italian)
  • Umami Asian Cuisine (Sushi and Hibatchi)  (this one isn’t what I would consider a romantic atmosphere, but it is seriously some of the best sushi I’ve had, and that’s saying a lot, as I’ve had sushi all over the world)
  • V. Mertz (“New” American)
  • Steakhouses (The Drover, Johnny’s, Brother Sebastian )
  • Lo Sole Mio (Italian)
  • The Grey Plume (Seasonally Driven)
  • Le Voltaire (French)
  • Dario’s Brasserie (Belgian and a great selection of Belgian beers!)
  • M’s Pub (“New” American)
  • La Buvette (French)
  • Dante or Pitch (Wood fired pizzas)

Try Something Fun

Being married for a decade now, a good, romantic date is always nice.  But to be honest, trying new things together keeps our relationship fresh, alive and fun.

Wine and Paint Omaha

Obviously, wine is notoriously known to up the romantic ante (see the entire above section!)
If you both have a creative side, why not pair your wine with some art!?  It’s a fun way to spend some quality time together, do something fun, and sip something good!
Plus, it’s always fun to be able to take home your finished product as a fond memory of your fun Omaha date night.

Go Dancing

Omaha Swing Dancing

If hitting the clubs isn’t your jam anymore but you still appreciate a night of dancing, head to The Jitterbug.
This vintage Jazz and Swing club welcomes dancers beginners to advanced and is always a fun time.  Mr. WellTraveledNebraskan can’t dance if his life depended on it, yet still has been willing to entertain my requests for a night out dancing.

Escape Room

Omaha Escape Room

You love her right?  Then sure, why not get locked in a room for an hour together!?

If you are looking for double date ideas, escape rooms could not be more fun!  They are ideal with 4-6 people and is a fun way to really see your date’s personality and skills shine.

A perk to this kind of date is that if you are a newer couple, you don’t have to think of too much to talk about!  You’ll be too busy playing the game to have to worry about conversation.  However, if you decide to grab dinner or drinks after, you can have plenty to chat about as you laugh about how you succeeded (or failed!) together.

There are several Omaha Escape Rooms.  Here are just a few:

Cooking Class and Food Tours

Omaha Cooking Classes

I actually love cooking with the Mr.  It’s a great time to have to just the two of us, working in unison with some good music on.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that HE is the better cook of the two of us!!!

There are actually quite a few cooking classes in Omaha NE, here are just a few to start your search.

  • The Grey Plume (Be sure to book WELL in advance, as they almost always sell out!)
  • Metro Community College (Fort Omaha Campus) actually offers cooking classes but they need a minimum 8 participants
  • Omaha Culinary Acadamy
    – See what the Omaha Culinary Academy is offering for classes, as they typically have a wide range of options or take a fun tour instead with them like their “Classic Steakhouses” or “Sweet Treats” tours.
  • Nebraska Tour Company: Take an Old Market food tour, hitting up all the classics and faves or a South Omaha food tour (uuuuh, hello endless tacos!) just to name a few of their tours.

Shooting Range or Axe Throwing

Apparently, flinging an ax through the air at a target is a really fun activity! So much so, that these axe throwing joints are popping up all over Omaha! Everyone I know who has been to one has had a blast!

Shooting Range

Ok, maybe shooting a gun isn’t anyone’s definition of “romantic” but it is surprisingly fun and educational (when done in a safe environment, of course!)

When my husband’s grandfather passed down some guns to us, I said there was no way I was keeping them in the house if I didn’t properly know how to use them.  We went to a range together and I’m pleased to say that I’ve got a better shot than Mr. WellTraveledNebraskan!  It was a fun and unique time together.

Pottery Classes Omaha

Watching your date use their hands can be a clue for…..well, never mind, we’ll keep this post PG Rated.
There are tons of “Make your own pottery” places in Omaha like “It’s Yours Pottery,” “That Pottery Place” and more.  Do a quick google search to see one nearest you.

Get Board….well Game Boards

Omaha Date Night Ideas: Spielbound

We love playing board games (see the free game night idea below) but some are really expensive.  I don’t always want to buy a $50 game without trying it out first.

Spieldbound (33rd & Harney) is the perfect place to go for game lovers (and love birds).

With over 2500 games, you can play them all right there in their comfy shop.  You can stay as long as you like and considering you can even buy food there, it’s easy to see how you could spend a whole day just playing games!

Go Outdoors

I’m an outdoors gal.  I love being outside.  So, doing fun adventures that aren’t your typical “date ideas” are actually some of my favorite kinds of dates.

Get Cabin Fever

mahoney state park cabins
Photo Courtesy NE Tourism

Maybe you are looking at the ultimate romantic getaway?  Try heading to Mahoney State Park for the night or weekend.

They have off- season winter rates and cabins are often available for just one night instead of the high season 2 minimum night rule.

Cuddle up next to a bonfire, go on a private walk through the woods during the day and have a romantic meal at the lodge.

Here’s Our Ultimate Guide to Mahoney State Park

Take a Romantic Getaway in Omaha

Have a Staycation right here in Omaha.  For example, find a charming or secluded AirBnB to “get away”

Click here to get up to $30 off your first AirBnB Stay!

Star Gazing

If the night isn’t TOO chilly, bundle up and wish upon a star.  Drive just an hour to Raymond, Nebraska and spend the evening under the stars at Branched Oak Star Conservatory.

On your way to Raymond, why not stop at Soaring Wings Vineyard and make a whole romantic day of it!

Go Ziplining

Head over the river to Mt. Crescent or go to Mahoney to try out either their ziplines for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Go Hiking

Fontenelle boardwalk trail
Photo Courtesy Fontenelle Forest

I bet you didn’t know that you could hike (or snowshoe in the winter) in Nebraska.  One of my all-time favorite locations to hike is the HUGE Fontanelle Forest.  With over 20 miles of trails, you are sure to enjoy some beautiful hiking and nature with your significant other.  Here’s just a glimpse into some of the great hiking at Fontanelle.

Do a Fun Run

Fun runs are all the craze.  Even I (yes, the girl who HATES running) has done the Color Run (I know, gasp!) But there are actually a ton of really fun (no pun intended) fun runs out there.

There are wine or beer runs, costume themed ones, runs with giant inflatables and of course the Spartan and Tough Mudder kinds.

If you are an active couple, it’s a fun way to workout together.

Take a Scavenger Hunt Downtown

See a whole new side of Omaha (Downtown) that you didn’t know about with a Scavenger Hunt on your phone. 

See a Show

Orpheum, Omaha
Photo Courtesy NE Tourism

One of the things that I absolutely love about Omaha is all of the shows you can see here.  From concerts to plays to comedy.  There is something for everyone.

Catch a Play at

  • The Orpheum
  • Playhouse
  • Bellevue Little Theater
  • Omaha Blue Barn Theater

Dinner Detective Omaha

Dinner theater is always a hoot.  Help solve this murder mystery….just beware, you might find yourself part of the rouse if you’re not careful! The dinner detective show in Omaha is another great double date activity as well!

Catch a Concert

One of Omaha’s best-kept secrets is it’s phenomenal music scene, both underground music as well as huge headliners.  The Stir, CHI Health Arena, The Slowdown and Sokal are all just a few places to see great live music and concerts in Omaha.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laugh the night away at any of Omaha’s comedy clubs

Treat Yo Selves!

Omaha Spa

Some couples love to wind down and relax together for their special date.  Kicking back and getting pampered together can be extremely luxurious and pampering!

Float Spa

Step away from all outside distractions, emotions, and stresses.  Float in any one of the Omaha Float Spas and feel so relaxed afterward that you and your significant other can have a blissful time together.

Couples Massage

There are plenty of locations to get a couples massage at or even get a private one booked in your own home.

Get Out Of the House

Book a night for a romantic evening at a fancy hotel.  Order room service, take a bubble bath and watch a movie while forgetting about all the things you need to get done at home!

Cheap Date Ideas Omaha

One of my favorite parts about living in Omaha is the affordability.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not cheap as hell frugal in the meantime!

There are plenty of cheap, shoot, even FREE things to do in Omaha for a great date night!  You already know about the “typical” spots like the Old Market and walking the BOB.

So, in addition to a few of the above suggestions (hiking, star gazing, etc)  Here are a few more affordable and free Omaha date night ideas for you fellow cheapskates.

Free Concerts

Omaha Jazz On the Green

I absolutely love Omaha in the summer.  There are pretty much endless free outdoor concerts in the summer.  Some run weekly, others annually, but there is pretty much something close to every night of the week!
Just google “Omaha Free Summer Concerts” and you’ll see all your options.  Some of my faves are of course:

  • Jazz on the Green (Turner Park Midtown)
  • Annual 4th of July Memorial Park Concert
  • Playing With Fire (Midtown)
  • Music In the Parks (Bellevue)
  • Vibes at Village Point
  • Saturdays at Stinson

Outdoor Movies

Just like the concerts, free outdoor movies are also popping up everywhere.  Sumter theater in Papillion is a great location that has them all summer as well as “Midtown Monday Movies” at Midtown Crossing.

If you don’t like getting outside, a lot of actual movie theaters have discounted days as well.  Just call one up to see what day they offer discounts.

Thursday Taco Ride

Lucky Bucket Ride
Photo Courtesy NE Tourism

Us Omahans may give Council Bluffs a lot of gruff, but one of the many great things it has to offer is the start of the beloved Thursday night Taco Ride.

Most people get together around 6pmish in the summers and ride the Wabash trail to get the taco special at Tobey Jacks in Mineola.  It’s only $1 to ride the trail + the cost of the dinner and all levels of bikers join in on the fun.

Another fun bike ride is the Omaha Brewery Lucky Bucket Ride.

Charcuterie, Cheese, and Wine, Oh My!

Create your own charcuterie and cheese platter!

Hyvee has a phenomenal cheese selection.  I mean, they actually hire a full time, cheese certified employee who basically knows everything there is to know about cheese (#Dreamjob!)

Then, stop in at an Aldi, who has some phenomenal salami at a great price.

Next, run to Rotellas or Great Harvest and get some quality, artisanal bread (or even make your own-it’s surprisingly incredibly easy!) and grab some olives or any other antipastas.

Light some candles and/or make a fire and open up a bottle of wine to have an incredibly romantic evening in the comfort of your own home.

Buy a bread machine here and make the most delicious (and easy) homemade breads!

Plan a Picnic

Use the same above supplies and go for a picnic.  There are so many great city parks like Elmwood, Tranquility, Hallock, Heartland of America and more.

Catch the Sunset

Omaha Sunset

Winter sunsets in Omaha can be absolutely STUNNING.  The pinks, oranges and purples are out of this world.  But summer sunsets can be just as beautiful (and a heck of a lot warmer!)

Find a lake in the city, or get out to some dirt roads (which are typically no further than a 30 minute drive) and enjoy the setting sun.

Go Geocaching

Ok, I have YET to catch onto this craze but I keep promising myself that I will try it!  But here’s a list of some of the best geocaching in Omaha supposedly

Play Frisbee Golf

Frolfing is a great way to get some fresh air, possibly see a competitive side to your significant other and not pay a dime for a great time! (If you have your own disk set- which are super cheap on Amazon)

Hummel, Seymour Smith and Lake Cunningham are just a few places to throw the disks on the green.

Get a cheap set of Disk Golf Frisbees Here 

Explore a Farmers Market

There are farmers markets ALL over Omaha in the spring, summer, and fall!

You can just wander aimlessly and enjoy perusing any of these fantastic markets or you can give yourself a food challenge.  You have to make a meal out of your farmer’s market findings!

This is a great long date activity as it can last hours between the market, the food prep, the cooking, and the eating!

Volunteer Together

Ok, maybe it’s not super romantic, but seeing that giving side of your significant other can really be a turn on.  See if any animal shelters need some volunteers, call to some group homes or just go clean up a neighborhood park together!

Have an At-Home Movie Night

Once I started making fresh popcorn with a whirly pop like this, I haven’t gone back to microwave popcorn.

It takes just as long and is a million times more delicious!!!
Expert popcorn eater tip: Pop your popcorn with coconut oil (that’s what the movie theaters used to do) and use REAL (gasp!) butter.  Salt liberally with sea salt and prepare to never get Orville’s again!

Whether you Netflix it up, rent a red box or dust off an old DVD, cuddling on the couch watching a movie is always a great (free) date night idea!

Making Your Own Popcorn Is SO EASY! Get a Popper Here

Have a Game Night

I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily call my husband and I NERDS buuut…..we do love a good game night.  Here are a few of our favorite 2 people games that we can play on a date night at home after the kiddos have gone to bed.

And of course, there are the classics like dominoes, yahtzee and jenga!

And since you are making it a date night, why not add in a little “bet” for the losing player?

As you can see, your options are near endless when it comes to Omaha date night ideas!  Be it romantic, fun, luxurious, low key or cheap there is a date night for every couple.

Are you in a relationship?  Share this with with your better half so that you each can start planning your own date nights!

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