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Is it just me or when you have kids suddenly you have a lot more STUFF!?  And today we are going to talk about something that I personally find is either an absolute MUST-HAVE for your family or is something that you just completely skip:  Kids Sleeping Bags.  (more on why it’s a must have below)

Today we’ll discuss a lot of the pros and cons to having a children’s sleeping bag as well as some of the best sleeping bags for kiddos out there so you can make the best decision, for the best quality and OF COURSE, for the best price!

Whether you are deciding what is the best camping sleeping bag for all your upcoming outdoor family activities or if your mini you is heading off to slumber parties, we are going to cover them all, so let’s dive in!


Best Children's Sleeping Bag

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Kids Sleeping Bags: Why Do You Need One?

I am an avid believer in packing light.  And if there is anything I hate, it is unnecessary extra gear and “stuff” for kids when we all know that they outgrow everything in the blink of an eye.

However, there are several reasons why having a children’s sleeping bag on hand isn’t too shabby of an idea after all.

The Right Gear For the Right Size

The entire purpose of a sleeping bag is to stay nice and cozy while sleeping.  The problem with a child using an adult sized sleeping bag is that they will lose a ton of valuable heat because of all the extra space inside.  Choosing a small sleeping bag helps to ensure they are the right temperature.  This is especially for important for anyone doing ANY type of camping in cooler weather.

A great option for children under 5 ft is the Tough Outdoors Children’s bag.  It’s SUPER compact, and great for most seasons, while being the perfect size for kiddos.

The Right Gear For the Right Job

I just love when I see other family’s out at the campground with us.  The reality is that if you are a family that loves to camp as much as we do, having a specific kids sleeping bag, is a really worthwhile investment that you’ll easily get your moneys worth out of.

Or maybe your older child is heading off for a few days to camp, then it’s a good idea to find the best sleeping bag for summer camp so that they have one that is easy to pack and set up on their own.

Most Off- The Shelf Kids Sleeping Bags Aren’t Very Diverse

The reality is that while you can get a nice, cheap sleeping bag at just about any store in town, many of these are rated for mid-range weather (think 40-55 degrees).  What this ultimately means is that even in those spring or fall dawns when it gets WAY colder at night than during the day, your little one is going to be freezing.

Most sleeping bags you can just quickly buy also aren’t going to be made with the outdoors TRULY in mind.  Meaning, many are made of of a cotton blend, so when that morning dew (or God forbid- a rainstorm) hits the tent, your kid is going to be sopping wet, instead of repelling any moisture, like a good, well made- sleeping bag would.

Getting Them Excited

Whether you are looking for the best children’s sleeping bag for camping or if your little one is ready to head to a friend’s house and needs a sleepover bag, one way to get them excited or even more comfortable with either of those activities is to have them help you choose what youth sleeping bag THEY want.

You would be SHOCKED at all the sleeping bags geared towards children.

The point is, if they have an interest, you can find a personalized sleeping bag that they will love, no problem!

They’ll love that it is JUST for them, that they helped pick it and ultimately, everyone will have a smoother night because of it!


The Best Rated Sleeping Bags for Kids

There are several things to consider when looking into any sleeping bag.  If you are an avid outdoorsmen, you’l want to look into the sleeping bag ratings, which will tell you things like what temperatures will the sleep sack keep you warm at, how well it compresses and more.

As always, I ALWAYS look at what actual buyers have to say, so looking at the sleeping bag reviews is essential!

Here is a quick look at some of the best rated and reviewed children’s sleeping bags

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Kids Sleeping BagImageTemperature RatingLength/ AgeWeightProsCons
Coleman Youth45°FUp to child 5'5ft2.8 lbsGreat for price, extra space for pillowNo compression bag, just cords, middle range for temperature (no extremes)
Kelty Woobie30°FUp to child 4'6 2lb 4 ozPerfect for toddlers, great quality, true temperature rating, machine washablelimited time usage (won't fit kids much older than 6)
Tough Outdoor's Children's32°FUp to child 5'1ft3lbGreat for young kids, machine washable, super compact, waterproofCheck zippers upon arrival
Kelty Big Dipper30°FUp to 5 foot child3lb 1 ozLong age range (4-12 years), "grow with me" feature, amazing reviews, very comfyno compression sack (a bit builky)
Teton Sport Celcius Junoir20°F66 x 26 inches2.65 lbslimited time warranty, great for cold weatherlimited time warranty, great for cold weather
SleepinGo Double Sleeping Bag32°F7 Feet 3 inches long3 lbsLifetime warranty, can turn into two individual bags, waterproof, super comfyReviews suggest not trusting the temperature rating, not great for two large adults
Baby Merlin's Magic SleepsuitNA3-6 month or 6-9 month Versions Available14.1 ozKeeps babies warm without overheating, great sleep cue for babies no matter where they sleep, no need to worry about blankets covering faceShort age range, can not be used in dryer


Kids Camping Sleeping Bags

best sleeping bag for cold weather for kids

For me, this is the area where your kiddo having his or her own sleeping bag is pretty important, especially if you do a lot of camping, will be in particularly colder climates or if you do any amount of walking yourself to a campground.  These are perfect for your boy scouts going camping or if you know you are going to be out camping regularly teaching your child about the outdoors.

While I think that just about any of the above options would work great, if you are looking for a sleeping bag that handles itself particularly well in cold weather camping, then my top pick is the Big Agnis Little Red.

Youth Sleeping Bag Top Pick

Tough Outdoors All-Season Kids Sleeping Bag

This bag really has it all for kids up to 5’1.  It is so compact that makes it easy for youngin’s to carry yet is incredibly easy to repack (which can’t be said for many sleeping bags!).

As a mom with messy kids, I can totally appreciate that not only is it machine-washable…but actually holds up in the washing machine!

Kids Cold Weather Sleeping Bags Top Pick

Teton Celcius Sport Junior

People can’t say enough good things about this youth sleeping bag.  If you are planning on roughing it and being outdoor in the cold, this is the sleeping bag I would get.  Click here to see other reviews of the Teton Celsius Junior

Whether you are going camping, or even Glamping, picking an appropriate sleeping bag is essential.

If you are finding this guide helpful, check out our Best Camping Coolers.  Whether you are heading out for the weekend or are looking for Yeti styles but cheaper, we’ve covered them all.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Taking a babe camping can be tough for a multitude of reasons, but one of the main concerns is warmth.  However, sleeping bags with an infant is about as scary to a parent as scary as it gets for ANY mom or dad that has even the slightest clues of SID stats!

#1 Pick for Babies: Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

I fell in love with my Baby Merlin Sleep Suit.  It is for those itty bitties that have outgrown a sleep sack but still need the comfort of confinement.  Sure, your baby may look like the Michellin Man, but I wasn’t comfortable putting my baby in a sleeping bag, where he could wriggle his way down where his head was covered and he couldn’t figure out how to get out.

I felt like the “magic sleep suit” was perfect for all weather (keeps them snuggly cozy but also repels sweat moisture when warm).  We used ours in the dead of winter at home to the boiling hot days of summer and Lil B was never too cold or overheated.

Considering you can layer up underneath, we loved it for our first camping trip when Lil B was only 3 months and we were FREEZING in the spring….while he seemed toasty and content!


Top Choice for Older Babies Kelty Woobie

Once your baby hits a certain age, they won’t be using sleep sacks or suits anymore.  The problem with baby sleeping bags is how quickly your baby will become a toddler who then continues to grow at what seems to be an unreasonable speed!

The Kelty Woobie is a great option because it literally can grow with your tot.  You can cinch up the bottom to make it smaller and as they grow, undo it.  Some people have used it with babies as young as 1 (although the official directions say 2) through to about 5-6 years old.

Click here to see current colors and prices for the Kelty Woobie- perfect for older babies through the toddler years.


Toddler Sleeping Bags

Which leads us to the toddler years.  Not quite a big kid yet, but no longer a baby, it can be tough to get a sleeping bag that is the right size for your tot.  If you are looking specifically for a sleeping bag for your toddler, I would go with one of three main options

1) The Cute Route

This is primarily just for the kids that you are trying to get excited about whatever adventure you are about to take (sleepover at Grandma’s, camping in the backyard, etc).  You aren’t concerned about extreme temperatures or any of the other bells and whistles but want your kiddo to be on board 100%.  I suggest the above character sleeping bags for this route.  

2) The “Love the Outdoors” Way of Life

If you know you are going to be camping often and in possibly cold temperatures, forget the adorable patterns of sleeping bags and get a quality sleep sack.

As noted earlier, the Kelty Woobie 30 is a fan favorite, ESPECIALLY for families needing a toddler sleeping bag for camping, which is why it’s our top choice for toddlers as well.  People say that they truly do trust the 30 degree temperature rating (albeit with great thermal layering underneath!) and it’s a really reasonable price for the quality.


  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Fantastic cold weather ratings
  • Good for indoor use as well as outdoor (aka can use for sleepovers as well!)
  • Can last from as young as 1 to elementary school


  • Will outgrow by around age 5(ish)
  • Kelty is not a cheap brand (but with that, it IS a brand known for it’s quality outdoor products)
  • Doesn’t pack up very small

Click here to see other reviews of the Kelty Woobie

3) Co-Sleeping Option

I’ll start with the disclaimer that not everyone should co-sleep.  However, if you have done your proper research and know the best and safest practices for co-sleeping, it is a great option for those families that know the ins and outs as well as the risks and benefits.

Personally, we do co-sleep quite often and it’s typically when we are traveling, for the pretty obvious reasons (in a strange place, Mommy and Daddy are safe, keeps kiddo quiet, we aren’t up all night trying to get him back to sleep etc).  Camping with a toddler is no exception.

In fact, we tend to co-sleep even more when camping because tents are anything but sound proof and the last thing we need is our neighbors giving us glares from our all-night screeching toddler!

With that being said, an excellent option for your sleeping arrangements is to find a great two person sleeping bag or sleeping bags that you can actually zip up together to make one, big mega bag!

Our top pick for a double sleeping bag is the SleepinGo Double Sleeping bag.  You just simply can’t beat that price and those reviews.

Click here to see what others are saying about this double sleeping bag and to see the current price.


Girls Sleeping Bags

Ok, I am not going to lie, I personally think that a quality sleeping bag is going to work for either a boy or a girl.  BUT, the reality is, there really are some gender specific bags (mostly in the way of outer design).

All Purpose

Sometimes, you need a youth sleeping bag that is (quite literally), a grab bag!  Meaning it meets most of the major criteria such as

  • Youth Sized (not huge and adult but not tiny for the tots) leaving room for growth but isn’t too large
  • Looks feminine without looking too “girly”
  • Works well in general situations (aka can be used in most temperate climates, indoor, outdoor, etc)
  • The price is right
  • Has great reviews

Our top pick for this winner is the Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag.  Coming in a beautiful purple color, it’s great for females but isn’t too young looking either.  And Coleman is always a safe bet when it comes to outdoor products- nothing amazing, but isn’t cheap and disappointing.

Click here to see current Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag prices and reviews here

Princess Sleeping Bags

Yes, this is QUITE the hot market!  And if you have a daughter anywhere from 3-13, you know EXACTLY why!!!  Click on the following links to see the favorite princess sleeping bags for girls

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

If you are looking for a girls sleeping bag just for the purpose of it looking beautiful, whimsical, floral and anything else that screams “Young Lady!” there are plenty of sleeping bags for tween and other girls wanting to impress their girlfriends at a slumber-party!

Click here to see my absolute favorite floral sleeping bag.  Isn’t it just gorgeous!?


Boys Sleeping Bags

Just like with the girls sleeping bags, I think that generally speaking, both sexes can use the same sleeping bags.  However, I get it.  Some boys are just true boys through and through and for those kiddos, here are some of our favorite boys sleeping bags.

All Purpose

Again, we are choosing the same bag (but different color!) as we did for the girls all around sleeping bag (The Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag).  Perfect for the families that need something middle of the road that meets just about all their needs without the price tag associated.

  • Youth Sized (isn’t built for giant, tall men but still has plenty of space for growth)
  • Perfect blue to indicate “boy” without looking like a child
  • Works well in general situations (aka can be used in most temperate climates, indoor, outdoor, etc)
  • The price is right
  • Has great reviews

Click here to see current Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag prices and reviews here

Little Boys Sleeping Bags

Of course for the little boys, click on the links to see current prices for a sure win with your little one

Kids Camo Sleeping Bag

I know SO many boys that would just LOVE a camouflage sleeping bag!  Whether they see their daddy wearing it in the service or out hunting, they want to be JUST like him!



Well, there you have it.  Just about any type of kids sleeping bag for any type of travel.  Who knew narrowing down a child sized sleeping bag could be so complex!?  But I hope that we were able to help you narrow it down today and pick one that not only fits your needs but will make your kiddo pretty excited about your upcoming adventures!

Have you used a children’s sleeping bag before?  Which ones did we miss that you just loved?

Best Kids Sleeping Bag

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