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I simply LOOOOVE that camping food doesn’t have to just hotdogs and marshmallows (well, what is a good camp out without those though!?)

Camping Dutch Oven Classic Dump Cake- Cherry, Apple, Strawberry...the options are endless!

But I always find it funny when people act shocked that you can have some absolutely amazing “gourmet” meals while out camping.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite ways to make it a bit more “glamping” while camping in Nebraska. And yes, it can be

  • Incredibly easy (the following recipe seriously couldn’t get any easier!)
  • Absolutely delicious!

If you haven’t started using a Dutch Oven for camping yet, then you seriously need to get started.  Here’s how.

If You Need A Dutch Oven, Here Are My Top Recommendations

Camping Dutch OvenImageProsConsSizes AvailableCost
Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Ovens - Extremely well regarded, quality, brand.
- Lid can be used to fry
- Fantastic Reviews (quite honestly, you probably can't go wrong with a "Lodge" Brand
- Made in the USA
Comes "pre-seasoned" but you may want to season yourself as well5 Qt, 8 Qt, 10 Qt. Click Here to See Sizes

Camp Chef Dutch Oven- Lid doubles as a skillet
- Has a built in thermometer (channel) to check cooking temps
- Not as easy to "wipe clean" as competitors
- May need to re-season yourself before using
- Double check for imperfections when you receive (chipping, bubbling etc)
6 Quart (click here to see other "Camp Chef" sizes available)

Bruntmore 3-Legged Camping Dutch Oven- Can use lid as skillet
- Large for bigger crowds
- Only one size (for camping dutch oven)
- Very Heavy
8.5 Quart

Thank you to Corinne Vail from Roving Vails for inspiring me to make this quick and easy classic dump cake., or if you want to sound even fancier, just call it a Dutch Oven Cobbler!  You can’t get any easier than this! It’s one of my favorite dutch oven dessert recipes because of how fast it is to whip together.

Classic Dump Cake (cherry) For the Dutch Oven

I was a girl scout growing up and I was first introduced to the deliciousness of Dutch oven baking when I attended camp. Later I became a girl scout leader myself, and you know I continued this tradition of baking a dump cake with my troop. Living in Alaska, we would take the troop cabin camping each winter. In January temperatures dip below zero, but we had a campfire every single time. We would all be out there warming out booted feet by the campfire and eating the dump cake to be ready. – Corinne Vail



1. Take two cans of cherry pie filling and dump it in the bottom of the Dutch oven.
2. Take one package of yellow cake mix and pour it evenly on top, giving it a quick mix to keep it moist.
3. Top with bits of butter (one stick), cover, and let bake for at about 25 minutes.
4. Spoon out and enjoy!

You can make any kind of dump cake you want.  For example, dutch oven apple dump cake, strawberry and more.  Just simply replace the can of cherry pie filling with any other kind of filling and voila!


If you want to make a meal of it, check out our Dutch Oven Lasagna

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