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Things To Do in Nebraska

(Beyond farming, football and cornfields)


As a local Nebraskan, it’s often easy to overlook what is in my own state when planning my next trip.  Instead, I Immediately start googling places like San Francisco, New York and the Grand Canyon.

But the reality is that there are SO many AMAZING things to do in Nebraska that I often have to re-look at my lists of Nebraska Attractions to get re-inspired to stay close to home.

And while there are so many more places to visit in Nebraska, here is our most inspiring list.  Sure, there are plenty of roadside museums, cute little stops along 1-80 and quaint little towns here and there that aren’t included in this post, but by the end of this article, we want you to be so inspired to visit more of the Cornhusker State that you are practically booking your next trip!

Where will you travel in Nebraska next??

Looking for more than just places to visit in Nebraska?  Check out our Ultimate Bucketlist of Out of This World Experiences in Nebraska (like cliff diving, doing yoga with alpacas…and more crazy, fun and memorable EXPERIENCES).

Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area

See a bald eagle soaring over the beautiful reservoir


Drink a cup o’tea outside stoneCarhenge and ponder what extraterrestrial beings (or fun-loving humans) created this phenomenon.

Toadstool Geological Park

Wonder if I’m on the right planet, let alone right state as I wander the lunar looking pathways

Chimney Rock

Hike through ravines and canyons to the base of the famous Oregon trail landmark, just like the pioneers once did.

Sand Hills

There is so much to explore and experience in the Sandhills! You can stay at a working ranch, and enjoy the area without doing all the driving!  And of course, don’t forget the amazing Sandhill Crane Migration.  Here’s our Traveler’s Guide

Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area

Camp ON the beach at Nebraska’s largest reservoir

Fort Robinson State Park

Take a stage-coach ride through the valleys of the majestic buttes

Calamus Reservoir

Dip my toes in the unique WHITE sand beaches


Go back in time and walk through a living history town of life as a pioneer

Wildcats Hills State Recreation Area

Go hiking in the canyons (yes, canyons!) and rocky bluffs of the state park

Ashfall Fossil Beds

Dig up dinos (and other prehistoric creatures) that once roamed (or swam!) Nebraska itself

Chadron State Park

Spend a weekend hiking the hundreds of miles of beautiful terrain in the nearby national forest and the state’s first national park.

Wakefield (Balloon Days)

Get lost in a field of colors and balloons at the annual festival.

Indian Cave State Park

Fall in love with the fall colors as oranges, reds and yellows sweep through the rugged terrain in the autumn months

 Jail and Courthouse Rocks

You may have GoogleMaps today, but the early pioneers had these huge rock formations as guide marks on their journey.  Even Native Americans hundreds of years ago seemed to use these as location markers.

Chadron Cowboy Trail

Bike the once railway trail (ok, at least part of it!)

Ashland Wildlife Safari

See wild, roaming Bison and other animals all from the comfort of my Prius!  Here’s our Wildlife Safari Guide

Ponca State Park

Partake in the Ponca Fruitcake Fling (yes, that is apparently a thing!?) in the winter.  Return in the summer to canoe between the bluffs.

Boiling Springs

Try to (and fail miserably) at sinking an item in the Dismal River’s rare natural springs where water pushing up refuses to allow anything to sink!

Chimney Rock

A quintessential Nebraska landmark that pretty much every Nebraskan needs on their bucketlist

 Victoria Springs

Learn to Paddleboat on one of Nebraska’s mineral springs


Yes.  There are waterfalls in Nebraska! Fort Falls, Snake River, Berry Falls.  Explore them and more!

Haunted Road Trip

Take any one of the haunted road trips throughout Nebraska ( http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/nebraska/ne-ghost-towns-road-trip/)
Nebraska is so much more than just farmland.  What are your favorite Nebraska Attractions that even locals may not be aware of.  Share them below in the comments so that we can all enjoy this great state!

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