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Are YOU a WellTraveledNebraskan?

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After starting WellTraveledNebraskan, we had one travel goal:  DISCOVER IT ALL! And then share it with the rest of Nebraskans wanting to explore our great state!

But there’s just simply too many great spots, unusual attractions, stunning vistas and fun events going on throughout Nebraska that we can’t possibly know about them all at all times.

Alternatively, things are constantly changing, like businesses moving or closing or having updates and renovations.

That’s where you come in!

We are ALL WellTraveledNebraskans and therefore a community!  By sharing your tidbit, favorite hole in the wall or even telling us about an amazing trip you took with your family in “The Good Life” you can help us discover even more great ideas of inspiration for our readers.


So, if you see that we’ve overlooked an amazing hidden gem, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can put it on our own personal bucketlist to go and explore!

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  • or, just simply shoot us an email at LeAnna@WellTraveledNebraskan.com


Are You A Business or Local Travel Industry Leader? 

We at WellTraveledNebraskan only recommend businesses, restaurants and experiences that we have personally done and personally would recommend.  But if you have something that you think that fellow Nebraskans would absolutely love, we’d be happy to come check you out.  You can look over our “Work With Us” page for more details.


We Can’t Wait to Continue

to grow our community, our inspiration and our tips and recommendations!  Thanks so much for your support!


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