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Vacations should be fun, stress-free and a time to get out and do something new! However, traveling with a family often can feel the opposite.

When traveling with the whole clan, the price tag scares a lot of us away from our getaways.  It can be such a headache to coordinate schedules and get everyone on board.

And let’s not forget about the logistics of traveling with a family.

So does that mean traveling once you have kids is not possible?  Is traveling with your children more of a burden and headache then what it’s worth?

No, I couldn’t argue the opposite more!

Once we had kids, we found our travel looked a lot different than when it was just us as a couple.  Our days got shorter, our nights in strange locations felt horrendesly longer and we no longer always did all the things WE might have wanted to (bye bye long, beautiful days at a Vineyard!)

But that is one of the reasons why we decided to start traveling close to home.  As in, right here within our own home state.

Still not convinced to get OUT and travel?  What about creating a Staycation?  Here are 12 ways to have an AMAZING staycation right in Omaha.

Here are just a few reasons why I think you should consider staying here in Nebraska for your next family trip.



Nebraska Family Travel

Nebraska is one of the most affordable states in the country!

In fact, Forbes rates Omaha as the best bargain city in the US and those bargains can typically be seen throughout the state.

While Nebraska is actually a pretty darn big state to drive through, it is also great to stay close to home because you can save big moolah by not having to take a flight.

Sure, going on a 10 hour road trip with your kids who are constantly kicking the back of your seat while simultaneously screaming at one another doesn’t sound like a great retreat, but there are actually tons of ways to help ease the pain of long car rides with the kiddos. Not to mention, it saves a TON of cash not having to pay for flights and baggage for everyone!

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Easier To Navigate With Hectic Schedules

Traveling With a Family in Nebraska

His work schedule. Their sports rotations. Her school breaks.

Families today are busier than ever and sometimes it feels near impossible to find a time where EVERYONE’S schedules somehow perfectly align and you can take a trip all together.

However, if you stay in Nebraska, it’s easy to squeeze in a weekend here or a few days there. No need for long, elaborate travel plans, itineraries and site seeing schedules.

Instead, you might even find that you start to travel MORE if you just use your time accordingly and stick closer to home.

Get Outdoors

Where to travel in Nebraska with a family

You’ve probably noticed we talk a lot about the outdoors here on WellTraveledNebraskan. Nebraska is the ideal place for camping, glamping, and if roughing it isn’t your thing, there are TONS of cabins to rent in Nebraska.
The Nebraska State Parks is the ideal place to start your search for a really great family trip that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Considering they are ALL over the State, it’s your choice on how near or far you want to go.

It’s A Lot More Than Cornfields

Lake Mac, near Ogallala, NE

One of the main reasons we started this blog was to show that Nebraska is more than just farms. It’s more than just boring roadside museums.
There is SO much to do in Nebraska and shockingly, SO many EXPERIENCES to be had. In fact, here are 26 to get your brain juices flowing.

The History is Rich

Take an Oregon trail wagon ride in Bayard NE
Photo Courtesy Nebraska Tourism

Whether your kids are into history or if you are just THAT parent (hey, so am I!) that loves to attempt to bring knowledge and education into your family trips (despite your children’s eye rolls), Nebraska has so much fascinating history that it’s SO easy to combine a family fun trip with a bit of history.

If you are sneaky enough, they may not even realize what you are doing! Muahahaha!

  • Check out places like the Agate Fossil Beds for kids that love dinos.
  • Just take your pick at which pioneer, Oregon Trail or Pony Express location your kids would love. Chimney Rock, Scottsbluffs and Fort Robinson all have the perfect ratios of fun, exploration and history all mixed together.
  • You can actually take a real wagon ride along the Oregon Trail.  More info here.

Learn A New Skill

Photo Courtesy Nebraska Tourism

Another great activity to do right here in our own backyards is to have your kids in on the trip planning.

Have them come up with one (or even a few!) new skills that they would like to try their hand at. You could either make a whole trip centered around learning and mastering a new skill or just make it a fun part of your trip.

  • Ride a horse. There are tons of state parks that offer horseback riding for all levels.
  • Learn to fish. All you need is a permit (click here for more information on purchasing state permits) and a pole and your good to go! There are endless great fishing spots all over Nebraska!
  • Get Into Baking. Nebraska is full of mom and pop shops, diners and cafes. See if any local spots would give you an insiders peek at a favorite food your kid loves and teach them how to bake and make it themselves! All it takes is a few phone calls around to find a place willing and happy to help.

The options here are pretty limitless. Just Get creative!


You Can Combine It With Other Family Obligations

If you have older children, inevitably, you are going to be playing chauffeur to a sporting, music, education or some other youth-centered event. Take those opportunities and run with them.

Instead of seeing it as a weekend where you “Have” to go to a small farm town, look around the route to the destination or even a few short hours beyond and see if you can extend it into a long weekend getaway or an outdoor adventure going tubing down a river, hiking in a forest, or finding a fun, obscure roadside attraction.


Traveling with a family can be difficult, but is SO worth it.  Why not stay “home” for your next trip in the Cornhusker State?

Know of a family in Nebraska that WANTS to travel, but may not be sure how?  Share this with them to get them thinking outside the box (and inside the state!)

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