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I’m so glad I married my husband.  No, this isn’t going to be some sappy love story.

Today, I love him because, as an Eagle Scout, he learned how to use a camping dutch oven.


Because of this, our camping meals NEVER get boring!

13 of the easiest camping dutch oven recipes out there

As a lover of charred hotdogs (no, seriously), I gotta have a meal of dogs and smores on just about any camping trip, but we are always looking for more awesome ways to use our dutch oven to make amazing, unique, gourmet and of course EASY camping meals!  And since we love to go glamping and camping in Nebraska with our new to us remodeled pop up camper, our dutch oven goes on every camping excursion we do!

If you are looking to buy the best camping dutch oven, here is my complete guide, including tips on how to cook with your oven.  Or, you can just check out my top dutch oven picks here.

Best Dutch Oven Quick Comparision

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Camping Dutch OvenImageProsConsSizes AvailableCost
Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Ovens - Extremely well regarded, quality, brand.
- Lid can be used to fry
- Fantastic Reviews (quite honestly, you probably can't go wrong with a "Lodge" Brand
- Made in the USA
Comes "pre-seasoned" but you may want to season yourself as well5 Qt, 8 Qt, 10 Qt. Click Here to See Sizes

Camp Chef Dutch Oven- Lid doubles as a skillet
- Has a built in thermometer (channel) to check cooking temps
- Not as easy to "wipe clean" as competitors
- May need to re-season yourself before using
- Double check for imperfections when you receive (chipping, bubbling etc)
6 Quart (click here to see other "Camp Chef" sizes available)

Bruntmore 3-Legged Camping Dutch Oven- Can use lid as skillet
- Large for bigger crowds
- Only one size (for camping dutch oven)
- Very Heavy
8.5 Quart

So I decided to find some of the best camping dutch oven recipes to add to our menu lineups.  And now, I officially can’t wait for camping season! So without further adieu,

13 Delectable and Easy Outdoor Dutch Oven Recipes

Easy Taco Soup

Not many people think of soup for camping, but on the chillier nights, it is an absolutely perfect all in one meal to enjoy around the campfire!

Easy Taco Soup Recipe

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

We LOVE this recipe, mostly because it is so crazy simple!  Plus, added bonus because it has tons of veggies you can sneak in and since it’s covered in creamy goodness, the kids don’t even mind!  And when you are camping with toddlers, any amount of veggies is a success!

Cast Iron Skillet 4 Ingredient Chicken Pot Pie Recipe #NationalPotPieDay

Dutch Oven Pizza

I mean, do I need to say more?  It’s pizza!


Chicken Wings

Not your typical “camping food” but delicious none the less!

Monthly Morsel: Dutch Oven BBQ Wings

Dutch Oven Lasagna

Another one of our all time favorite camping dutch oven meals is lasagna!  You can make it vegetarian or with meat and it feeds a crowd!

Dutch Oven Lasagna Vegetarian Recipe

Breakfast Casserole

We love a hearty breakfast casserole any day, but when camping, it is absolutely perfect to help keep us full for a day of active outdoor activities

Dutch Oven Breakfast Egg Casserole
“Mountain Man Breakfast Casserole” via NurseFrugal.com

Cheesy Dutch Oven Potatoes

The PERFECT side dish to just about any camping meal.

Dutch Oven Camping Potatoes
Camping Potatoes Via onesweetappetite.com

Campfire Monkey Bread

The problem with monkey bread is that I eat pretty much all of it.  At least it’s easy to make!!!



Stuffed Peppers

Again, one pot meals are the bomb! (Is that still a saying??) But when there are veggies included that my kids will actually eat??? #WINNING!


Easy Cheesy Garlic Bites

I’m such a sucker for cheese.

And bread.

Cheesy bread??  A match made in heaven!

dutch oven cheesy garlic bread
Cheesy Garlic Bites Via Thecreativemom.com


Dutch Oven Dessert Recipes


Kids absolutely LOVE watching popcorn pop over an open fire! Plus, it’s a great mini science lesson! (Hey, former teacher here!)

Easy Dump Cake

You can’t get any easier than this!  I mean, three ingredients!?  FOR DESSERT!?  YES PLEASE!!!

Classic Dutch Oven Dump Cake Recipe (Cherry)


Dutch Oven Cinnamon Roll

My family is weird, we actually do cinnamon rolls for dessert, but obviously it would be an amazing breakfast to wake up to as well!



Do you love to cook with your dutch oven when camping?  What are your favorite dutch oven recipes?




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