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What do you think of when you hear the word “Champagne“?Champagne On Tap

For me, it screams luxury, celebration, fancy.

What is it not typically associated with?

Dive Bars.

bars in omaha ne: Homy Inn

But oooh that is 100% why the Homy Inn is one of my favorite bars in Omaha.  In fact, I’ve been asked so many times “Why would you have a blog about things to do in Nebraska? There is nothing to do!”  But the longer I work on this blog, the more I realize that it’s not so much about countless amazing places to go to in Nebraska.  No, it’s that we love a good quirky attraction.  And we’ve got a handful of them!

If you are looking for Unique Date Ideas in Omaha, be sure you’ve added the Homy Inn Champagne on Tap to your list!

It was the year 2005

My (now) husband and I went on our first ever official date.  It was Valentine’s Day (talk about pressure for a romantic evening!) and he chose to go to Sgt. Peffer’s.
Well, that was many moons ago and actually before we were 21.  However, Sgt. Peffer’s has become our official Valentine’s dinner and since we clearly aren’t young chicks anymore, we have added to our Valentine’s celebration.
You guessed it: Champagne on Tap at the Homy Inn followed by THE most delicious Italian food in Omaha just across the street.  It’s a match made in easy date night heaven!

Champagne on Tap at Homy Inn Omaha

It’s such a bizarre thing that makes it absolutely perfect and right up our alley.  You see, we aren’t real fancy people.  In fact, dive bars are actually kind of our jam.  Even in our early 20s, we’d rather hit up a South O bar with karaoke tucked in the corner than hit up the clubs.  And I’m a sucker for a fun, quirky gimmick, so it’s fair to say that I loved the Homy Inn!

Homy Inn Champagne Flavors
Sure, you can get beer on tap as well, but why not, just for the fun of it, grab a glass of bubbly…..or shoot, a whole pitcher.  Aaaah Classy!
Yup, choose from several flavors of Champagne like Strawberry, Peach, Sweet, or Dry.

And if you are hungry, you can always ask for a dog bowl (yes, I said DOG bowl) of peanuts. Delish.

So, is the Homy Inn one of the best bars in Omaha?  Ok, maybe not.  But, is it unique?  Hell yes!!! And that’s what I love about things to do in Nebraska.  And that’s why you can see me every February 14th at the Homy Inn!


Address: 1510 N Saddle Creek Rd, Omaha, NE 68104, USA

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