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While a lot of people don’t automatically associate “Nebraska” with “Extreme Sports” or “Adventure,” you might be pretty surprised at what some of the fun us Cornhuskers can muster up!  After all, skydiving in Nebraska is an adrenaline junky’s dream adventure!

Recently, I wanted to do some skydiving near me, so I chose to do a tandem skydive with LSPC.  If you’ve ever wondered what skydiving is like or why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good plane, read all about my first time skydiving from start to finish.  It’s also got FAQs in there like “What to expect when skydiving?” “How does skydiving feel?” “What should I wear skydiving?”…… and more.

So let’s say you ARE interested in Skydiving.  You might be asking, “Why skydive in Nebraska and not somewhere else??”

Well, let me tell you…

Skydiving omaha ne: A Nebraska bucketlist item for any Nebraska adventure lover!

Why Should Someone Skydive in Nebraska?

It’s YOUR Home.  From A Completely Different Vantage Point

skydiving omaha ne
Photo Courtesy LSPC Facebook

As someone who travels often, I’m no stranger to a plane.  Which means I see Nebraska from above quite often.

But this is different.

There is just something exhilarating looking down with no barrier between you and the ground….well, that is beside the 10,000 or so feet of air!

What does skydiving feel like?

The air feels fresher, crisper way up there in the clouds.

The sun glows a different way as you float and canopy down.

You see the fields below you slowly come into view….right in front of your very own eyes.  All in a way that you never have before, even for those of us who have called Nebraska “Home” for our entire lives.

You Don’t Need to Travel Far to Do It

Sure, you can choose to skydive in other locations of the world and some more “geographically appealing” places might have a different allure. But to get to th

At The End Of The Day, You Are Jumping Out Of a Plane…no matter where you are

lincoln skydiving

The reality is that whether you are diving over the Rockies, over crystal clear oceanic waters, or a patchwork quilt of cornfields, you are still jumping out of a plane for about 1 minute with a canopy ride of 3-5 more minutes.  Really, not that much time no matter where you are at.

It Is Significantly Cheaper

So you go somewhere amazing on vacation and think, “How awesome would it be to skydive here!?”

I mean, sure, you absolutely can go skydiving over Mt. Everest (talk about #Bucketlist!).  But also be ready to drop $20,000 (yes, 4 zeros).

No, not all skydiving locations are going to be the cost of a brand new car.  In places like Hawaii, you can see prices over $1000!  Or in other locations, like the Grand Canyon, $500 isn’t an absurd price to expect.

However, in Nebraska, you can expect to pay between $200-$300.

FAQs About Skydiving In Nebraska

skydiving FAQs

Who Is Skydiving For?


No, seriously!

My instructor was telling me how there is no one stereotypical person that goes skydiving.  He said that of course people like me, people who love adrenaline rushes and adventure, are sure enjoy skydiving.

But he also told me how people who are afraid of heights often go skydiving.  This was pretty shocking, but considering that there is no “stomach drop” feeling like one might expect or anything like that, I can see why someone who typically doesn’t like heights might find skydiving a fun challenge.

And then there’s people like Lee.  Lee lives in Waterloo, Nebraska and was with us in the plane when we did our skydive.

Lee is 87 years old.  Yes.  EIGHTY SEVEN!!!

87 Year Old Skydiving
Lee, at 87 years young, jumped out of the plane before me

So, who is skydiving for? Again….ANYONE!

When Is the Best Time Of Year To Go Skydiving In Nebraska?

The sport of skydiving is 100% weather reliant.  And if you’ve been in Nebraska for even one minute, you know just how reliable Nebraska weather really is.  You got to love the days where you start in flip flops and end the day pulling out the snow blower!

So, what kind of conditions do you need to go skydiving?

  • For tandem, the clouds have to be above 12k feet
  • Winds less than 20 MPH
  • Enough cloud clearance between clouds

These are just a few examples and your instructor and dive center will be tracking it all.

So, naturally, you are going to find that the summer months are the most ideal times for skydiving in Nebraska.  

While it is hot and humid on the ground, the air is cool and crisp in the clouds.  But also, besides the occasional thunderstorm, there are more good days than bad for ideal skydiving conditions.

With that being said, winter is out and spring and fall can be finicky.

If you have to go in the fall or spring, just be sure to have plenty of flexibility.  We originally planned on diving on a Saturday afternoon in early April.  Which then got moved to Friday evening, due to rain.  Which was then rearranged to Friday early afternoon.  We finally set the time for mid-afternoon.

Point being? If wanting to skydive in Nebraska in Spring or Fall, BE FLEXIBLE!

How Old Do You Have To Be To Skydive In Nebraska?

State law requires one to be 19 years old in order to skydive in the Cornhusker state.  (Do I hear great High School graduation gift!?)

Do I Have To Do A Tandem Skydive As My First Jump?

Shockingly, no!

While it’s true that most people wanting to dip their toes in the skydiving experience will choose to tandem fly first, there are actually lots of other options for you to do as well.

For example, at the Lincoln Sport Parachute Club you can actually dive solo by doing a static line jump.

Is There Anywhere In Nebraska To Become a Licensed Skydiver?

Ah, so you tried skydiving and how you want more, eh?? (Yeah….me, too!)

You have a few options for getting trained and getting your certification such as LSPC and Atlas, which I cover the details and information for down below.

Still have other questions?  I cover a lot of them over on my other post about my actual experience with my first tandem skydive.  Read over there:

  • Does your stomach drop?
  • What if I’m afraid of heights?
  • What happens if I get cold feet up in the air?
  • What was the most uncomfortable part about skydiving?

Watch My Skydiving Video Here

What Should You Ask Before Booking a Skydive

When booking a skydive, be sure to get all the facts and info before deciding which company to book with.  Here are a few questions to ask when you call a local sky diving center.

What Are ALL The Costs?

When looking at the costs, don’t just take the flat number that the company has posted on their website.  Some businesses have hidden fees that they may not be very upfront about.  Call or email and ask questions like:

  • Does your price include the gear (harness, goggles, parachute, etc).  While you would THINK the answer would be yes, some places actually tack this on as an added cost..because, you know…we all walk around with skydiving gear in our car!?
  • Are all gratuities and tipping included (if not, what do they recommend)
  • Do I get ALL video and photography footage?  If yes, do they provide a USB or should I bring one myself. (Note: almost anywhere you go, you will pay extra for photos and videos, just make sure you aren’t limited to a certain amount)

What Are Your Weather Policies/ Cancellation Policies

When I dove with LPSC, they, like many centers, will take a deposit and if the Nebraska weather decides to not cooperate, they just move the deposit as needed.  However, just get this confirmed since we all know it’s hard to trust the weathermen!

What Experience/ Certifications Do Your Instructors Have?

When you go tandem skydiving, you are 100% trusting your life to a complete stranger.  You kind of want to guarantee that they know a thing or two about jumping out of airplanes 14,000 feet in the air.

From the second that my instructor started working with me, it was crystal clear that he was highly skilled in this extreme sport.  He made it perfectly clear what the safety measures were and walked me through exactly what to expect from start to finish.

As we were in flight, we were just chatting and all the different certifications he had came up.  I was AMAZED at his extensive background and work as not only a recreational skydiver but professional and instructor as well. I knew I was in good hands!

Where Can you Go Skydiving in Nebraska?

Ok, ok, enough chit chat.  So where can you go skydiving in Nebraska!?

Skydiving Omaha and Skydiving Lincoln

Lincoln Sport Parachute Club

skydivelspc Lincoln sport parachute club for skydiving lincoln ne

The closest location to both Omaha and Lincoln is the LSPC, which is slightly mis-named as it is actually not even in Lincoln, but instead in Weeping Water, which is about 45 minutes from both cities.

Address: 12617 Weeping Water Rd, Weeping Water, NE 68463

Phone(402) 326-8470

Email Contact Form

Skydive Atlas Nebraska

This business actually has to locations for skydiving Nebraska.  For Omaha skydiving, their nearest airport is in Hooper, Nebraska and it is about an hour North(ish) and from Lincoln is just over an hour.
(NOTE: This airport is currently closed due to the Nebraska Flooding.  They hope to reopen it soon)

The other location is in South Central Nebraska in Holdrege (roughly 3 hours from Omaha/ 2.5 from Lincoln)

Holdrege: 1320 Brewster Road, Holdrege, NE 68949
Hooper: 1574 Co Rd J, Hooper, NE 68031

Phone:(402) 831-1231

Email: sean@skydiveatlas.com

Crete Skydiving Center

Skydive Crete is your other option for either tandem or solo skydives in Nebraska and is only about 35 minutes from Lincoln/ Just over an hour from Omaha.

Address:2429 County Road F, Crete, Nebraska 68333

Dropzone Phone:(402)826-3939  Weekday Phone:(402)610-4358


Indoor Skydiving

While nothing compares to actually JUMPING out of a plane, a lot of people love to dip their toes in skydiving with an “indoor skydiving” experience.  Unfortunately, there actually no indoor skydiving in Omaha or Lincoln.  The closest one of these fun adventures is in Kansas, City.


Have YOU been skydiving in Nebraska???  I’d love to hear why you chose to skydive in Nebraska rather than somewhere else! Shout out in the comments below!

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