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If you’ve been around WellTraveledNebraskan, you know two things about us.

  1. We LOVE to camp right here in Nebraska
  2. We are pretty darn cheap frugal

So, you best believe that when you combine these two things, I’ve done my research on the best tent under 100 dollars!

Best camping tents under 100

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(Note: all recommendations below are based on prices as of the time of writing- prices may vary today)

The thing is, you can actually get cheap tents without sacrificing quality tents!

Best Budget Tent Top Picks

(Read Below For Full Individual Reviews or click the link to see prices and Amazon reviews)

  1. Coleman Sundome (2 Person)
  2. Toogh Tent (3-4 Person)
  3. Alps Mountaineering Lynx (1 Person)

As time has passed, we’ve needed a variety of affordable tents as our needs (and family) have changed. Which is why we are going to include the best tents under $100 for

  • Family Camping Tents
  • Best Budget Backpacking Tent
  • Best Camping Tents For One Person
  • Best Instant Tents for under $100
  • More

Best Tents Under $100 Comparison

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Skip down to the individual review section below to read detailed reviews on each recommended infant life vest.

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Tent Under $100
ImageBest ForHow Many Does It SleepGet It Now
Crowd Favorite

Coleman Sundome
Overall Performance
Best Rainproof
Easy and Fast Set up
2 (Can get larger sizes up to 6)Read The Reviews Here
Alps Mountaineering Lynx1 Person Tent
Quick Set Up
1Get It Now
Toogh Dome Tent60 Second Set Up
Inclement Weather
3-4See It On Amazon
Amazon Basics 8 Person TentFamilies 8Compare To Other Tents Here
Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room TentMultiple Room Tents10See How Huge This Tent Is Here

Considerations For How To Buy The Best Cheap Tent

Tent Camping in Nebraska at Pawnee SRA.
Tent Camping in Nebraska at Pawnee SRA. Photo Courtesy Nebraska Tourism

I am all about saving cash, but I have also found in life (particular in the outdoor gear realm) that sometimes, paying a bit more for quality is actually going to save you in the long run.

However, that doesn’t mean that cheap camping tents are also not necessarily the best quality tents.

You just have to know what to look for and know what to consider before buying (which is actually true for ALL outdoor tents!)

What Will You Use It For

There is a tent out there for just about any occasion. Most of the recommendations in this post are tents for camping.

However, maybe you just want your kiddos to have a sleepover in the basement. You can get this extremely affordable indoor tent 

Or maybe you are a hardcore sports parent and need a sports tent to shelter you from soggy sidelines. Then this little sports pop up tent is for you 

Or you might be a beach lover and want a shady place to dip your toes into the sand.  This beach tent is under $100


This is probably the first thing you need to consider before looking for inexpensive tents.

You need to realize that the bigger the tent (think a 10 person tent, a 3 room tent, or just simply put- a huge camping tent!) is going to be hard to find under $100.

That doesn’t mean that there are not good, cheap, large tents. But it does mean that it is going to be easier to find the best 2 person tent that is affordable versus an instant, big family pop up tent.

My Top Recommendation For Big Camping Tents: Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent

Easy Tent Set Up

Some people don’t mind setting up tents, but I would argue that most campers want something like an easy up camping tent, meaning it isn’t difficult, hard to figure out, or long to get up and ready.  After all, you want to enjoy your time camping, not messing with poles and directions!

However, with extreme ease often comes an extreme price tag. But don’t let that dissuade you from trying to find cheap pop up tents. I’ve actually found several that have extremely quick set up times and come in a variety of sizes.

My Favorite 60 Second Tent: Toogh 3-4 Person Tent

Camping Locations

Another thing you need to decide before buying the best affordable tents is WHERE do you intend on camping?

In all honesty, if you are going to be doing some hardcore camping, for example, in very cold climates, the best tents for your situation aren’t going to be under $100.

On the other hand, if you are a recreational camper, who loves finding public camping spots and do most of your camping in moderate climates, we absolutely can find you the best tent for the money!

Seasons and Weather

Just like with the locations, some seasons require a bit more tech gear for camping. For example, are you going to be camping in a season or weather that might have a lot of rain? Then again, just consider the best waterproof tent rather than focusing just on price.
Some tents under $100 are cheap because they don’t have things like a rainfly. I highly recommend ALWAYS getting a tent that has a rainfly included because you just never can predict mother nature!

Best Waterproof Tent Under $100: Alps Lynx (1 Person) or Coleman Sundome (2 Person)

Quality Material and Durability

Again, cheap doesn’t need to mean poor quality. Read the reviews of tents to find out how durable the tent is.
The last thing you want is a tent ripping, a stuck zipper, or broken stakes on your first camping trip. Then you’ll just need to buy another tent and if that’s the case, you would have been better off buying a more expensive one from the beginning.


One of the best ways to find the best tent under 100 is to simply find the best tent brands.

Some outdoor gear brands have been around for so long that we all know and trust their gear. For example, almost everyone has heard of Coleman camping tents. And for good reason. Their brand is known for quality work.

Some of my other recommended tent brands to look into are:

  • Coleman Tents
  • Kelty Tents
  • Big Agnes
  • REI

Internal Storage

It should be pretty obvious that the more bare-bones you get when picking a sleeping tent that the cheaper it might come.

But, I always like to see at least a few storage features in a tent because I can’t stand not being able to find things when camping. For example, does it have any mesh pocket holders for small items? Some tents even have entire storage lofts, but you might be hard pressed to find something like this in a budget tent.

Other Possible Considerations


Most likely this is the most important factor for backpackers and thru hiking.

Obviously, if you are hiking with a tent on your back, you need one that is lightweight! For example, the YODO is one of the lightest backpacking tents, and arguably the best cheap backpacking tent.

This is why I actually love hammock camping. It’s lightweight and easy to carry with you from spot to spot. Here are our Top Camping Hammocks, including several under $100


Depending on the type of camping you are doing, this could come into play. For example, if you are camping with a family and you may be up and moving around inside your tent, then having a tall tent with decent height isn’t a bad idea.

On the other hand, if you are needing the best hiking tent (aka a small tent) and you just need a place to rest your head nightly, height won’t be much of a bother.

Best Tents Under $100 Individual Reviews

Alright, so let’s start to break this all down and get into some tent reviews!

Best 1 Person Tents Under $100:

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx (See It On Amazon)

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx is is a winner in several of our top tents under 100.

What I Love About This Tent:

  • This 1-person tent is phenomenal in all weathers and temperatures.
  • It has an extremely easy and quick set up (about 2 minutes)
  • There are loops that you can tie a string or tent storage strap to
  • Two vents help to keep condensation to a minimum
  • Extremely durable and long lasting

Things To Know About This Tent:

  • There is no footprint included, so an extra purchase or a tarp is a must, especially if you know you’ll be encountering any amount of wet ground (including morning dew)
  • This is a one-man tent.  But we all know people come in all shapes and sizes.  This tent should be an adequate size for MOST people.  However, if you are well over 6 feet, you might feel a bit cramped.

Read Reviews Here

Best Backpacking Tent Under 100

Winner Outfitters Camping Hammock (See It On Amazon)

Camping hammocks are fantastic for single or double camping, backpacking and lightweight options!  While not TECHNICALLY a tent, a lot of backpackers and hikers prefer hammock camping to using tents

What I Love About This Tent Alternative:

  • Extremely fast and easy set up
  • Paired with the best hammock underquilt, it can be used in a variety of temperatures
  • Extremely comfortable

Things To Know:

  • Hammock camping does take a slight learning curve
  • The “tree straps” that are included do not have loops
  • If it tears, there is great customer service

Check Winner Outfitters Camping Hammock Reviews Here

Best 2 Person Tents Under $100

Coleman Sundome.  (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

When you get a tent like a Coleman, you know you can trust it pretty well.  What I really like about this 2 person camping tent is that it has several size options.  If you just want a 2 person tent, it’s a great option, but you can also get the same tent for up to 6 people.

Everything comes in an easy to carry bag, making it easy to transport to the campsite.

There is great airflow in this tent on those hot summer nights and even has a great ventilation in the “ceiling” which allows for great views if you don’t have the rainfly on.

Things To Know:

Many people recommend getting the Coleman Seam Sealer, which combined with the weatherproofing tent material and rainfly will ensure a dry tent.

Other Pros:

  • Holds up great in wind and rain
  • Easy setup
  • Great Price Point
  • Consistently agreed upon among campers as the best two person tent

Sleeps: 2-6 (Pending size)

Set Up Time: Approx 10 minute

Footprint Included: No (buy a tarp/ footprint here)

See It On Amazon Here

Best 3-4 Person Tent Under $100

Toogh Pop Up (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

I love this tent for a lot of reasons!  First, the ergometric design just looks awesome, but the real purpose of the hexagonal design is to be solid as a rock in inclement weather.  Between that and it’s included rainfly, it’s one of the best tents for rain and crummy weather.

With a little practice, you really can set this up in 1 minute!  I personally want to get straight to the fun of camping and hate the time that it takes to set up camp, so this 60 second set up feature is amazing.

Another feature that I really like is that you can create almost a porch like structure with the included poles and material.  This is so fantastic as you sit and relax around camp, giving you a bit more shade and protection.

Things To Know:

There aren’t a ton of instructions, so it may take a few tries to get it to the speedy setup.  But, once you have it figured out, you’re golden.

Other Pros:

  • Has a built in thick mosquito net
  • 12-month satisfaction guarantee
  • Great ventilation and 2 doors

Sleeps: 3-4 People (2 with a queen air mattress)

Set Up Time: 60 seconds

Footprint Included:

Read More Reviews Here

 3-4 Person Runner Up

Cedar Ridge Granite Falls (See it on Amazon)

This is a straightforward 3-4 person tent.  There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles or extra features, but it is going to keep you dry and be sturdy and reliable.

See More Photos and Reviews Here

Best Family Tents Under $100

Coleman Cabin Tent (See it on Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

This is one of the best, cheap cabin tents on the market.  I love cabin tents for families because it just feels so spacious and big inside as opposed to a low hanging ceiling making everything feel cramped.

It really does only take a minute to set up, which as anyone with a family knows is a huge plus!

Things To Know:

The tent is “waterproof” which means that it will hold up to minimal condensation, but I don’t like that this doesn’t come with a rainfly.  I HIGHLY encourage you to buy the rainfly with this tent.

Sleeps: 4 people

Setup Time: 1 minute

(Also comes in a 10 person cabin tent option (higher price))

Read More About The Coleman Cabin Tent Here

Family Camping Tent Runner Up

Amazon Basics 8 Person Tent (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

I love that this tent can hold up to 8 people and is still under $100!  Talk about a great family-value tent.

It comes with a rain fly, poles and everything you need (minus the footprint/ ground tarp), making it one of the best cheap family tents available.

While not incredibly tall, it still feels quite large and spacious inside, with plenty of room for a family.

I also like that the seams are double stitched and the rain fly has waterproofing tape on the seams.  So, despite the cheaper price tag, you are still getting good quality.

Sleeps: 8 people

Get the Amazon Camping Tent Here

Best Large Tent With Rooms:

Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person (See It On Amazon)

So, full disclosure, this 3 room tent is juuuust over $100 (by a few bucks, as of current writing).  But, considering it is one of the cheapest tents with rooms, I felt it had to be included in the list.

There is so much to love about this tent, whether you are looking for a family tent with rooms or planning on camping with a group of friends.  With 2 removable room dividers, it gives you the flexibility for more privacy for each of the rooms, or allows you to open it up to a ton of open space.

You really can sleep up to 10 people or instead set up multiple air mattresses, making it great for any large group.

There is a great screened in porch as well, which is fantastic for keeping bugs out, while still sitting more outdoors than just inside the tent.

Naturally, with such a huge tent, it’s not the easiest or quickest to set up, but once you do, you are rewarded with so much space.

Check Current Prices Here

Best Quick Set Up Tents Under $100

Toogh Tent

The Toogh Tent (reviewed above for the 3-4 person tent) is also a contender for the best and fastest 60 second pop up camping tent.  Read more about the Toogh Tent Above or read the reviews on Amazon here.

Due to all the really well thought out designs and features, it’s ability to stand up in rain and wind and it’s incredibly fast set up, I’d even argue that this is one of the best tents under $100 overall.

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent (1 Person) (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

This is a fantastic 1 person pop up tent that can be set up in no time at all.  You basically just pull a cord and the whole tent will pop up.   While you can absolutely use this tent on the ground as is, most people actually prefer to pair it with the Teton XXL Cot, which makes it so much more comfortable and brings it off the cold, hard ground.

Things To Know:

One of the reasons why it is so well priced is that it does NOT come with a rain fly.  However, even when you purchase the rain fly separately, you are still under $100.  It also does not come with the cot, but you can easily forego that if you don’t mind sleeping on the hard ground.

Look At The Teton Tent Here


Best Lightweight Tent Under $100: https://amzn.to/2FkCQiu

Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Backpacking Tent (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

This 2 person backpacking tent is great for hikers, scouts needing a lightweight and easy setup tent, or people setting up camp not near their car.

This lightweight backpacking tent weighs in at just 3.3 pounds, is easy to strap onto a backpack and comfortably fits one person, two might be a little cramped.

What To Know:

It says it’s a 2 person tent.  Sure, you can fit 2 people in (especially if smaller) but COMFORTABLY fitting 2 people might be pushing it.  It’s do-able though, depending on your comfort levels.

There is a rainfly, but this is a tent that would do well with a bit of extra rain protectant and sealant before taking out, just to be sure you stay dry.

Read Other Reviews On The Yodo Here

Best Truck Tent Under $100

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent (See It On Amazon)

What I Love About This Tent:

There are so many things that are great about camping right out of the bed of your truck.  You are off the cold ground, you don’t need any additional space and it looks cool as hell.

This truck bed tent fits well to most trucks (and if it doesn’t a few quick adjustments makes it just fine).  There is a surprisingly good amount of room and there is nice overhead space when inside.

Considering the cost of most truck bed tents, this is a great budget tent option, especially since it holds up well to weather.

What To Know:

Can be tricky to figure out setting up at first, so it’s best to try it out at home at first, especially if you need to make some quick adjustments due to the size of the truck bed.

Get This Truck Tent Now

Best Waterproof Tent Under $100

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx makes the list again.  This time for its fantastic waterproofing abilities (read the full review above in the Best 1 Person Tent).

The polyester rainfly is exceptional at keeping out rain and moisture and the thick flooring will keep rain and water out from underground as well.

Click Here To Buy The Alps Mountaineering Lynx

Coleman Sundome

And again, the Colemen tent also makes the list again, this time as one of the best tents for rain.

If you are camping with more than just yourself and are worried about rain, this is the tent to consider.  The floor is specifically made to keep the ground dry and there are inverted seams to help keep rain from getting in.  With a hooded rainfly, you can actually leave the vents open during rain.

he WeatherTec system’s tub-like floor uses patented corner welds and inverted seams to help keep water out. Plus, with the hooded rainfly, you can leave the windows open even during downpours.

Click Here To Purchase the Coleman Sundome

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